Brocker’s Beautys was first organized in 1990 born out of Steve Brocker’s love and interest in vintage and antique cars.   Licensed in 1991 Brocker's Beautys started with a small collection of 8-12 vehicles with sales primarily to the local community.  The company grew slowly and carefully as we learned about the rarity and desirability of various models of automobiles.   In 1996 Brocker's Beautys launched its collection into the national arena and soon became one of the largest classic car dealerships on the west coast.   

The following is some important information about our company as we operate today in 2010:

·        The collection consists of 25 – 35 classic vehicles at all times which we personally own and hold title for.  Being located on the west coast, we constantly seek to acquire unique collectible cars that are in good solid condition and free of major rust problems.

·        Brocker's Beautys has proudly sold over 4,000 classic and antique vehicles during our business history!

·        Brocker's Beautys sells classic vehicles nationally as well as to collectors and enthusiasts internationally delivering rare cars to Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, Norway, England, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Mexico, Holland and many other destinations.

·        Brocker's Beautys has sold classic cars to numerous celebrities, sports figures, politicians, corporate business heads, museums and to many other classic car dealerships throughout the world.

·        Brocker's Beautys is made up of a small team of individuals who share a sincere passion for classic cars.  We have a network of experienced collectors who help us locate and secure fine quality antique automobiles from throughout the western part of the United States.  We are committed to high quality customer service and attention to detail in presenting cars to potential buyers.

·        Brocker's Beautys is headquartered in Northern California in the community of Auburn, California just 35 miles east of Sacramento.  The nearest major airport is Sacramento International.

·        Brocker/s Beautys maintains the collection in a private warehouse.   Specific cars are shown to interested customers by private and personal appointment only. 


We describe all vehicles to the best of our ability.  However, it is important that buyers realize they are looking at “vintage” used automobiles which are 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50+ years old!  And, as with all pre-owned vehicles, the condition of such is very, very subjective!   Thus, we highly encourage all buyers to inspect any of the vehicles we offer in person or by an independent authorized inspection or appraisal service BEFORE finalizing a purchase.  

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service and most comfortable buying experience for their vintage automobile possible!   

We have thousands of satisfied customers and look forward to many more in the years ahead!

Steve Brocker, Owner/President

Brocker's Beautys, Inc.

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Auburn Journal, January 10, 2003

Flyer on a Model A changes Steve Brocker’s life.

A general contractor and real estate investor until 1990, following in the Brocker family business, Steve Brocker changed his life course in 1990 when he took a flyer on a Model A for $500, bought a few more old cars, and said: "Hey, this is fun!"

Upstate New York born and educated, Steve Brocker moved to Auburn with his family in the early 1960’s and has now parlayed that old Model A into an antique and collector car business which often moves 25 cars each month and up to 250 or more annually out of a Northern California warehouse/showroom.

The 10,000 square foot building is home to around 60 beautiful classic and custom cars which he sells by word of mouth, tasty advertising in the Old Car Trader,  and via his much visited website:

While one would not think winter would be a busy time in the classic car business, during my personalized tour of the collection I found many vehicles marked as “sold” and waiting delivery, many to the East Coast.

"Available rust-free vehicles on the East Coast are rare due to the severe winters and the historical use of salt on icy roads.  Pristine antique cars are really at a premium” Steve remarked. 

Brocker's Beautys does not necessarily cater to the rich and famous as this profession might initially indicate. "These days an average car runs around $20,000, some less, some more," he said of his inventory that consists of a little of everything 1973 or older.

His personal favorites are the old family cars of the 1930s and 1940s – especially Fords and Chevys. "Personally, I like them," he said. "They are classic cars for the purist.”

Initially, Brocker's Beautys was headquartered on an outdoor car lot at the intersection of Lincoln Way and Highway 49.

His showroom headquarters was opened June of 2002 in a former Riebes Auto Parts warehouse.

Brocker's Beautys customer base is wide and varied.  It includes other dealers and collectors throughout the nation and world over.

Brocker admitted to climbing a steep learning curve back after he bought that first "Model A" and embarked on his new "fun" career.  "I had to learn which cars were desirable, which were not, restoration techniques and pitfalls, and where to find quality inventory." he said.

His current collection is a mix and match of everything including Fords, Chevys, Pontiacs, Cadillac’s, Buicks, Lincolns, Oldsmobile’s, Mercury’s, vintage VW Beetles, a wide variety of MOPAR products including Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth models, along with some T-Birds, Mustangs, and Corvettes. 

"They're kind of like cattle," he said, "and, take a lot of constant care and feed” alluding to the need to keep tires up, batteries charged and cars washed and polished.

"I do a lot of that myself" he said. "It's good therapy."

Brocker recalls many an occasion when he has sold vehicles to customers only to have them turn around and resell the cars for a higher price.

"Sometimes I see those same cars at auction in a couple of years for $60,000 or $70,000" he said. "Value is often determined by what one is willing to pay and it's all over the map.”

But that's OK as far as Steve is concerned.

"Around here, we always try to leave some money on the table for the next guy."

Excerpts From The Auburn Journal /  Chuck Butler - January 10, 2003

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